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Why do I see the error message "Several Java Virtual Machines running in the same process caused an error"?

Information about possible resolutions to this error message are listed below.  Before proceeding, you may wish to a) verify your Java installation, and b) test that Java is working on your computer.

1.  The last time after seeing the same error message I had the user adjust his -Xmx setting down from 512M to 256M. THAT DID IT!

2.  If you are running into problems with process memory space for Windows XP SP2, you might want to install this hotfix 894472

Also see this blog:

3.  I had the same problem. On explorer page, click tools, internet options. Click on advanced. Scroll down to Java and VM. I unchecked all the boxes that were checked. It works now without the error of Several Java virtual machines running in the same process. However I did go back and checked the Jit compiler for virtual machine, and it still works fine. It helped staying connected to the internet which I also was having a problem.

4.  Finally, on a whim, I decided to ask a colleague to log into my machine (the machine with the symptoms in question). The interesting thing is that he did not get the same error. So I immediately started to think that the installation of the JRE was probably fine, and that it was something about my profile that was problematic. I tried clearing out some of the Sun and Java related files and directories under the "Documents and Settings" for my user, but that didn't seem to help. Finally, I decided to disable most of the browser add ons for IE. And after doing that, everything started to work again. I could bring up the Sun Java Console. And I could run applets again. I decided to turn on the add ons little by little to find the culprit. In my particular case, it was the "ViewMgr" add on. So after reading all these posts associated with the error messages in question, I would recommend that the user try turning off as many of the add-ons and plug-ins for the browser as possible to see if that helps (if none of the other suggestions seem to be working).

5.  I noticed in the add-ons to IE that the SVV.DLL Java Plug-in was in twice. I could delete one add-on but not the other..i disabled the first of the Java Plug-ins within ie and hey ho it all works fine.....

6.  Heres what I did, on internet explorer go to tools>internet options>advanced and then go down to where it says java (sun). I unticked that box, restarted internet explorer, went back to internet options and ticked the box again, restarted internet explorer and everything started working. Dont sound too professional, but it worked for me!

7.  So I just went to the Sun site and downloaded the last version of the 1.4 release and that alone solved my problem, but beware! If you do not change your settings in the Java Control Panel you will continue having the problem as the newer version will be active.  Also be aware that you will get a daily reminder that there is new updates from Sun, if you want to keep your programs running do not download or you will go back to the same problem.

8.  I solved it for my computer. I tried everything. I have IE 7 and I blamed it on that but I found the solution.

a. Uninstall all 1.5 versions you have or all version of the JVM.
b. Go on the internet and find an old version. I used 1.4.2
c. Install 1.4.2
d. Never upgrade again until Sun gets their act together and fixes this.

Problem solved.

9.  In the control panel's add/remove screen, I found that I had java, 1.4 with 3 versions of updates as well as the version 1.5. I think my system was confused. I first deleted all version 1.4 updates. Then rebooted to try to see if 1.5 would work. No good. So I deleted the 1.5 & rebooted. Now I have no java. Next I reinstalled 1.5 & it works perfectly. No issues. So if you continue to have this problem, elimitate all the java software, then reinstall the latest to which you might find a bettyter success.

10. This is caused by the installation of IE 7 (internet exporer 7). I tried everything that other sites had suggested - IE 7 was realeased with a lot of issues. So - I went to my control panel - uninstalled it - thinking I would have to re install IE 6 - but it only took away the IE 7 additions and left my prior version there. Now everything works great again....I will wait for awhile before I add IE 7 again - give them timeto fix all issues.

11.  I have found a sollution to this i have found 2 because 1/2 ram is above the Default it will cause this Issue sorry my english very bad...

1st=restart and go back to the website..see if it works

2nd=Windows xp users start--->contol panel--->System--->advanced---->Performance(setting)---->Advanced---->virtualmemory(change)--->Click system managed size--->set then Ok restart your computer

12.  I found a solution which I have been able to reproduce on my machine - running IE 7 / Windows XP. I disabled the Windows Live Sign-in add-on in IE 7 and Java immediately operates normally. I can then enable the Sign-in add-on if I want and retain the Java operation but a relaunch results in Java again showing the error until I disable the sign-in add-on again...

If this doesn't woirk I'd try disabling the IE add-ons and see it this clears it...

13.  In my Add/Remove Programs, I am mortified to find that I have THREE VERSION of Java in there. In my Java file (under C:/Program Files/Java), I had FOUR folders of Java programs (though my 1.5.0_6 HAD been uninstalled, except for one useless zip folder). After adding and removing the other two versions (1.5.0_8 and 1.5.0_9), my 1.5.0_10 worked fine.

14.  Go to Control Panel->Java->Advanced->

15.  I have had all the issues menioned with Sun Java, and as a last resort removed all updates, but left in place Java 2 Runtime Enviroment SE v 1.42.

I then re-downloaded the latest update....and hey presto...everything works fine again.

16.  go to tools, internet options click advance tab. go to java uncheck the USE JRE and then right under java is Microsoft VM uncheck the java console, java logging and the jit complier. click apply then recheck the jit complier ONLY. close everything out and restart your computer

17.  I have tracked it down on my machine to the Windows Live Toolbar. I took this off my IE7 browser via View -> Toolbars and now I get no errors triyng to run applets from within the browser

18.  It was only until I updated both IE and Firefox that it would work. In other words until I updated Java through Firefox which must mean the other virtual machine....

19.  I went to...internet options/programs/manage addons

and disabled the older versions of Java. It worked like a champ!!

20.  Go to and download the program. Open the program click, "Issues" scan the computer and the program will identify various extensions and .dlls your computer no longer uses. Fix all issues by deleting them and restart internet explorer. The java console will run an update the next time it restarts and viola! Your problem is fixed.

21.  Disable the Microsoft Windows LIVE Sign-in Helper in the Internet Explorer Helper Add-ons. Not a hitch since

22.  On WindowsXP
a. Close all open applications
b. Uninstall all previous versions of Java and Java updates via "Add/Remove Programs" ... Start > Run > control appwiz.cpl
c. Close all open applications
d. Download and install the newest version of CCleaner ... once loaded, click on the "Cleaner" button and carefully select which options you want to "clean" (the options will be checked by default; by default CCleaner will empty your recycle bin and delete many preference files, so uncheck all items that you might NOT want to "clean", note that there are two tabs to select from: "Windows" and "Applications") then, click on "Analyze" and "Run Cleaner" (this cleans your temp, preference, log and history files) ... then, click on the "Issues" button and "Scan for Issues" and "Fix selected issues..." (this "cleans" your registry) run the "Scan for Issues" and "Fix selected issues" options repeatedly until nothing shows up in the "Scan for Issues" window (this might take between 2 to 3 cycles).
e. At this point, using "CCleaner" may or may not have been enough to "clean and repair" your registry you may have to use various other registry cleaning softwares, I recommend using "Registry Booster" ( you may also consider using "Registry Mechanic", but there are a bunch of other good alternatives available.
f. Reboot
g. Close all open applications
h. Download and install the newest version of Java:
i. Visit this webpage to verify your fully functional version of Java:
j. If you are still having trouble, you may try disabling browser add-ons one-by-one, to see if one of them is the problem from the Internet Explorer file menu > Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or Disable Add-ons > disable one browser add-on at a time (don't forget to re-enable the add-ons that didn't cause problems).

23.  The only way I could make the error go away was to add "-Xshare:off" without quotes to the "Java Runtime Parameters" box found in the "Java Control Panel" (found In Windows Control Panel).

24.  I couldn't quite figure it out but I kept trying to reinstall SE6 2. It seemed like things were missing. The icon in the icon tray was missing and when I tried to download this the first time, I didn't get the same options as before. So one bad file linked to the wrong page? I don't know. But I had the options of adding the components which I didn't have before and now all is well.

The site is at:

Of course, if you have installed it... And there are problems, uninstall it and remove registry references first. In that order.

25.  Go to the control panel, open the Java icon. Then in the Java control panel uder General, select the temporary internet files, click setting & delete the temp files. Java will work then.

26.  One more to offer, had this issue, ran through most of the usual suspects that normfloria has listed and nada. On a whim, I un-installed the Google Desktop that came bundled with the J2EE 1.5 download and voila, it all went away. One more to keep in mind.

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