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How can I unban IP addresses

To unban a banned IP address, access the ParaChat room profile where the IP address was banned using the web-based service administration pages for your ParaChat service. To access your ParaChat administration pages, open your Admin Console's "About" tab, and click the "Load" button next to the "Service Admin Pages" label. Enter your admin user name, password, and Group name to gain access. Edit your ParaChat Group, and visit the "Select a Room to Edit" section of the Group profile page. Select the ParaChat room where an IP address was banned from the pulldown menu, and click the "Edit" button. In the "Security Settings" section of the room profile, you will see your comma-separated list of banned IP addresses. Highlight the IP address you wish to unban, and delete it. Press the "Save Room Settings" button at the base of the page to save your edit.

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