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How can I copy/paste text in a ParaChat room?

ParaChat is a Java application. A main advantage in using a Java chat room is its inherent security. The inability to use the right-click Copy option within the ParaChat applet is actually a security feature in the applet itself. Copy/paste/cut options could be accomplished automatically by the code in an Applet by a malicious developer. Imagine an applet that reads your system clipboard periodically, and then sends the data from your clipboard back to the host server without your knowledge. That presents a security risk. As such, you simply need to use the keyboard commands for copy (CTRL+C) and paste (CTRL+V) within a Java window instead of the right-click options.

If these keyboard commands do not function within the applet, it may be that you are using an old version of Java on your computer. To update your Java to the latest version, please visit:

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