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How can I request an advertising proposal?


Thank you for your interest in advertising on ParaChat!  ParaChat properties have approximately 1 million unique visitors per month, and 30 million page views (as directly measured by Quantcast).  Before making your ad buy, we encourage you to request a free, no-commitment advertising proposal.  Our advertising proposals extend and simplify the concept of a web-based media kit by adding e-commerce functionality. Proposals are like private media kits with a shopping cart of inventory items that we can customize for an advertiser and allow an advertiser to purchase that inventory from the same page:


Once you request an advertising proposal, you will receive a link to a web-based media kit where you may review the ad zone, the number of impressions, and the cost of the buy.  To modify and accept the proposal, simply click the Add To Cart button located in the proposal.  Once in your cart, you have the ability to modify the number of impressions, to upload your ad creative, and to complete the ad buy.

When requesting a proposal, please include the specific ad zone(s) from our media kit that interest you, and the number of impressions you are considering.  Upon receipt of your request, you will receive a link via email to your private media kit.

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