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How can I embed ParaChat in my own web site?

If you want to embed ParaChat right in your own web site, or if you do not want us to deliver advertisements into your free ParaChat service, please try a free evaluation of one of our leading paid ParaChat services (or place an order).  Our free trial includes:

    • Free for 15 days
    • 50-user limit
    • A full version
    • No credit card or payment information required
    • No automatic billing
    • No advertisements
    • Embeds in your own site (no site? no problem!)
    • Point the Facebook and Twitter buttons to your own feeds (or remove them altogether)
    • Display your own ads around the chat room and make it pay for itself!
    • Tons more!  Try it now -- it's free!

If you love your free ParaChat evaluation, simply keep the ParaChat evaluation room code in your web page as-is, and just order it when you're ready using the instructions we provide to you.  All of your settings, configuration and data are retained so you don't have to set up again from scratch.  

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How To Try It: Request A Free Evaluation | Try A Live Demo

How To Use It: ParaChat Software Documentation

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