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I registered a member name, but cannot return to the chat room

If you clicked on a link after registering a user name for a ParaChat room, but have been directed to this knowledgebase article instead of a ParaChat room, you haven't done anything wrong.  It just means that the web site you were visiting has not yet updated their member registration area to point back to their chat room web page. As such, our recommendation is to please return to the web site you were visiting to notify the webmaster that their link is invalid.

ATTENTION WEBMASTER:  Your chat room users are being directed to this page because you did not specific the "Exact URL Of Your Chat Room" when you generated your member registration link code.  When users click the "ENTER THE CHAT ROOM NOW" link after registering a member name in your ParaChat integrated member database, they are directed to this article instead.  For information about how to point users to your chat room web page instead of this article, please visit this page of the ParaChat Software Documentation.

Chat Room URL

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