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How do I log in to a ParaChat Basic or ParaChat BasicPlus room?

When you first load a ParaChat Basic or ParaChat BasicPlus room, you will see a user name input field, and client type radio buttons directly below the input field.


To log in, input a user name of your choice into the Enter A User Name field.  Next, select the client type you prefer.  By default, the Java client type is pre-selected.  As such, when you input your user name and click Connect, the Java client type will load.  If you wish to use ParaChat using the Flash client type instead, simply click the Flash radio button before clicking the Connect button.  If you visit a web page where ParaChat has been embedded from any mobile device, the Mobile radio button will be pre-selected.

Java Chat Client

The Java chat client is our most fully-functional, feature-rich and secure client type.  It uses a Java applet that loads via the Java Runtime Environment browser plugin.  By its nature, the Java applet is very secure.  An applet runs in a "sandbox" inside a browser, where no file operation is allowed.  Nor can an applet read or write files, and this eliminates the vast majority of security problems that exist on the Internet today.  Additionally, an applet cannot open a network connection other than with the originating host server.  For example, the applet HTML uses a codebase URL which is owned and operated by ParaChat from which the Java class files are downloaded directly.  This is very restrictive, and it provides even more security.

Flash Chat Client

Our new Flash chat client provides a fantastic alternative to the Java chat client for those who favor a Flash user interface.  It uses the Adobe Flash Player browser plugin, and includes the same basic feature set and functionality of our Java chat client.  Flash chat is confined to the area of the page that is defined for its "container", so you will notice features such as private chat will display within the Flash chat client area instead of in a separate window.  Toggle between Private Chat View and Public Chat View using the toolbar button:

Toolbar Private

Mobile Chat Client | Watch the Video 

Most mobile devices do not support either the Java plugin or the Flash plugin.  In order to connect to ParaChat from your mobile device, you must use our interface especially designed for mobile devices.  When you visit a web page with your mobile device where a ParaChat room is embedded, the Mobile radio button will be pre-selected.

Login Mobile

Just input a user name of your choice, and click the Connect button to log in.  More information

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