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Java 6 Update 24 Copy and Paste Issue

Oracle, the developer of the Java programming language, released Java 6 Update 24 (JRE 1.6.0_24) in February 2011 to remedy 21 vulnerabilities. As part of this security release, it appears that the ability to copy & paste from a computer's clipboard into a Java environment was deemed a security threat, and therefore disabled.  ParaChat software is not preventing the copy/paste function -- the Java program on your computer is preventing it. The following remedies exist:


1. RECOMMENDED Implement the optional ParaChat signed applet room code.  When a user "signs" the ParaChat applet as it loads, the user verifies that it is "trusted", and therefore enables the applet's access to their computer's clipboard for pasting purposes.  Customers may retrieve signed applet room code from their ParaChat service administration area (Rooms tab -> modify a room -> Display Room Codes -> Signed Applet Room Code).  You may choose to implement the signed applet room code in a separate web page apart from your existing ParaChat room code so that only those users who require copy/paste can "trust" ParaChat software to enable that functionality.


2.  RECOMMENDED Implement the ParaChat Flash chat client room code in your web page instead.  The ParaChat Flash chat client is not subject to the Java security policy, so copy/paste is permitted by default.  To retrieve Flash chat client room code for your ParaChat service, please log into your ParaChat service administration area, click the My Rooms tab, configure a room, and see Display Room Codes in the left navigation.  Please note that you may embed both the Java chat client and Flash chat client room codes in your web page


3.  NOT RECOMMENDED Revert your computer's Java installation from Java 6 Update 24 (JRE 1.6.0_24) to a previous Java release (such as JRE 1.6.0_23 - download and install the "JRE 6u23" file):

It is important to note that ParaChat recommends that you keep your computer's Java software up to date.


4.  NOT RECOMMENDED Modify your computer's Java security policy file to allow clipboard access (copy/paste) by ALL Java applications, and not just ParaChat (reference third-party web site for information).


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