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How can I integrate ParaChat into phpBB3?

How to install the ParaChat plugin for phpBB3

1. Download the free ParaChat plugin for phpBB3.

2. Unzip the downloaded plugin file to the root of your phpBB installation so all the files are saved to the corresponding directories (please note that there is no need to upload the README.html file).  The chat.php and chatauth.php files should be uploaded to the root of your phpBB installation.

3.  Log into Administration Control Panel (ACP), and click the "System" tab.

4. Click "Administration Control Panel" under "Module Management".

5.  Next to the button labeled "Add Module", select "ParaChat" and click "Add Module".

6. Click Yes to add the module.

7. Click "Back to Previous Page".

8. To the right of "ParaChat", click "Enable".

9. Refresh your browser, and click the "ParaChat" tab in the navigation.

10.  Fill in the settings, and click Save Settings.


How to Add a Button to the Navigation Bar

1. Click the "Styles" tab, then click "Templates" in the sidebar.

2. Under the "Options" column, click "Edit" (make sure you are editing the active theme). Please note that this module will only work for the prosilver theme by default, unless the file chat_body.html is moved to the active themes directory.

3. Under "Template File", select "overall_header.html".

4. Search for the text "icon-home", it should bring you to line 139 or so.  Copy the following line of code:

<li class="icon-members"><a href="chat.php">Chat Room</a></li>

5. Paste the code just before the tag that reads "class="rightside"".

6. Click Submit. Reload your phpBB index page to see the "Chat Now" link display.

7. Click the "Chat Now" link to load your ParaChat room.


Authenticating Users Against Your phpbb Member Database

1. Your ParaChat plugin includes a file used to securely authenticate users into your ParaChat room against your phpBB member database.  The file is called "chatauth.php", and it is located in the root directory of your phpBB installation.  The file path to your "chatauth.php" file is the "URL of HTTP User Authentication File".  For example, if your phpBB site is installed at, your "URL of HTTP User Authentication File" is:

2. Log into your ParaChat service administration area (please refer to your ParaChat Order Confirmation email for the link).  Click the "Users & Databases" tab.  Under "Member Database Users" in the left navigation, please click the "External Database Connection" link.  Set "Use HTTP User Authentication for Java Chat Client" to "Enabled", and input your "URL of HTTP User Authentication File" into the "URL of HTTP User Authentication File" field.  Click the Submit button to save your edit.

3. Click the "Site" tab.  Under "Site Settings" in the left navigation, click the "Site-Wide Limits" link.  Set "Require Valid User Name and Password" to Enabled, and input a message you want to display in the chat window if a user tries to log into your ParaChat room without first logging into your vBulletin site. Click the Submit button to save your edit.

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