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What are the differences between Java and JavaScript?

Java and JavaScript are completely different, and are related only by the inclusion of "Java" in the name.  The inclusion of the "Java" name in "JavaScript" was the result of a co-marketing arrangement between Netscape and Sun Microsystems back when Netscape was a dominant web browser, in exchange for Netscape bundling Java Runtime Environment (JRE) with its browser.

Java is a programming language designed to run applets in a Java Virtual Machine on any computer/device that supports a Java Virtual Machine.  Java applets generally do not interact with the Web page itself, but usually runs as a "standalone" program embedded in a Web page.  ParaChat software offers a Java applet option so you can embed a Java chat room in your web page.

JavaScript (originally known as "LiveScript") is a scripting language that runs inside of an Internet browser to manipulate and enhance the contents of Web pages. JavaScript is designed to expand the capabilities of a web page so that it behaves more like a program than just a static page of text and images.

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