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I see a "Do you want to run this application?" security warning with Java 7 Update 10

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Oracle introduced new security features to its Java web browser plug-in when it released Java 7 Update 10 on December 11, 2012.  The new features are accessed from the Java Control Panel's Security tab.  The new security features allow a user to enable/disable Java content for all web browsers rather than needing to manually disable Java in each individual web browser, and to set a Security Level for Java content in web browsers.  The default Security Level was Medium, which means, "Unsigned Java apps in the browser will run without prompting only if the Java version is considered secure."

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However, when Oracle released Java 7 Update 11 on January 13, 2013, to fix a critical security flaw inherent in all previous versions of Java 7, the default Security Level was changed to High, which means, "a user will be prompted before any unsigned Java application runs in the browser." 

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As such, when a user updates their Java version to Java 7 Update 11,
their Security Level is configured to a higher default setting than previously configured by default, and an unexpected "click-to-run" Security Warning will display when the Java content (such as a ParaChat Java chat room) is encountered in the web browser.  The Security Warning asks, "Do you want to run this application ?"

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With regard to the ParaChat Java chat room client, if a user clicks the Run button, the ParaChat room will load normally in the web page.  A user may click the "Do not show this again for this app" check box so that the Security Warning prompt will not display again for subsequent chat sessions.  Additionally, a user may choose to set their Java Security Level to Medium, keeping in mind that this setting applies to all Java content the user may encounter, and not just ParaChat.

If a user chooses to click the Cancel button, the ParaChat room will fail to load, and "Error. Click for details" will display in the Java sandbox.  When a user clicks the "Error. Click for details" message, an Application Error dialog will display that says "The application failed to run.

Java Click To Run Cancel

If you want to load the ParaChat room in your web browser at this stage, you may click the Reload button, or refresh the web page in your web browser application.  Choose Run instead of Cancel if you want to load the ParaChat room.

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