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  • News: August 20, 2009
    ParaChat LiveHelp 5 Released
    Key features include:
    • Fixes Compatibility View Issue in Internet Explorer 8
    • Add Your Own Agents
    • Send Files During Chat Sessions
    • Co-Browsing
    • Dynamic Multi-Channel Invites
    • Department-Specific Chat Selection
    • Set Up Your Own Departments
    • Pre and Post-Chat Surveys
    • View Web Analytics Reports from the Client
    • Anonymous Proxy Server Detection
    • More...

  • News: July 8, 2009
    ParaChat v9.07 Released for Hosted Services
    Key features include:
    • Global monitoring and map view of global monitoring points
    • Set custom time zone for Transcripts/Recent Room History
    • Additional Spam & Flood controls added to Security Settings
    • Mobile tab added to configure mobile device settings
    • Ping and Connectivity test under Help -> Troubleshooting menu
    • Character countdown for input field in notification area
    • Users/Rooms tabs replace Show Users/Show Rooms button
    • Select default entry room from room log-in panel

  • News: October 10, 2008
    ParaChat v8.6 Released for Hosted Services
    Key features include:
    • User Interface for Mobile Devices
    • Keyboard Shortcuts for Admin Commands
    • Display Recent Chat Messages In Main Chat Window at User Log-in
    • Peak Usage Notification Email Alerts
    • Operator User Level Updates
    • Wildcard For Allowed Domain List

  • News: June 13, 2008
    New ParaChat LiveHelp Released
    New ParaChat LiveHelp lets you achieve the advantage over your competitors that you've been seeking. Connect instantly with the visitors that are on your web site right now, and provide the real-time sales and support they are expecting. Convert previously unknown visitors into happy, long-term customers. Free Trial

  • News: April 13, 2008
    ParaChat v8.5 Released for Hosted Services
    Key features include:
    • Upload Custom Avatar, Emoticon and Sound Files
    • Operator Permissions to Control Access To Specific Admin Console Features
    • Cookie Gag, Cookie Ban & Set Cookie Expiration
    • Setting Under Options Menu Saved For Subsequent Sessions
    • Wildcard Profanity & Content Filtration
    • Automatic Reconnect For Dropped Internet Connections
    • User Name Ban & Unban From Admin Console
    • Public & Private New Message Notifications
    • Right-Click User Name in User List To Quick-Start Private Voice/Video Chat

  • News: December 19, 2007
    ParaChat v8.2 Released for Hosted Services
    Key features include:
    • Free Chat Window Preview & Fee-based Preview With Auto-Refresh
    • Two Free Voice Chat Connections
    • Separate Voice Chat & Video Chat Configuration Parameters
    • Configurable User List/Chat Window Divider Bar Position
    • Disable HTTP Tunneling Notification

  • News: November 24, 2007
    ParaChat Reaches Industry Milestone of 3 Million Sites
    ParaChat reaches an industry milestone of licensing its software to 3 million Web sites.

  • News: August 13, 2007
    ParaChat v8.0 Released for Hosted Services
    Key features include:

  • News: July 24, 2007
    ParaChat Server Software Standard Edition Released
    We are pleased to announce the release of ParaChat Server Software Standard Edition. This release is a minor upgrade to ParaChat v5.7. ParaChat Server Software Standard Edition improves the ability for licensees to provide chat services for multiple customers. More Information

  • News: June 13, 2007
    Video Chat Beta Program
    An integrated video chat capability will be introduced into ParaChat software in August 2007. In advance of its public release, we are offering a free opportunity for existing customers to request participation in the beta testing. Customers may request participation from the "VIDEO (Beta)" tab of their service administration web page.

  • News: March 26, 2007
    Redesigned Service Administration Web Pages Released
    Tabbed service administration web pages released to improve navigation, usability and information distribution.

  • News: March 14, 2007
    New ParaChat Logo Design Introduced
    New logo design illustrates congruence of ParaChat software's distinct, pioneering history and future vision.

  • News:
    Secure Access Introduced for Service Administration Web Pages
    Access to the ParaChat service administration web pages will occur over a secure socket layer.
    December 22, 2006

  • News:
    Gigantour 2006 chooses ParaChat Event as its chat solution. Gigantour is a six-week summer music festival in the United States founded by Dave Mustaine of Megadeth. This year's festival features Megadeth, Arch Enemy, Lamb of God, Overkill and Opeth. Band members use ParaChat to chat live with fans.
    September 7, 2006

  • News:
    ParaChat v7.5 Released for Hosted Services.
    Key improvements include:
    May 23, 2006

  • News:

    Russ Feingold - Progressive Patriots Fund
    U.S. Senator Russ Feingold (D-Wisconsin), Honorary Chair of Progressive Patriots Fund, chooses ParaChat Event to conduct his first national Online Listening Session (View the chat transcript).
    March 10, 2006


  • News:
    ParaChat Reaches Industry Milestone of 2.5 Million Sites
    ParaChat Group reached an industry milestone today by licensing its ParaChat software for the 2.5 millionth time since its launch. ParaChat was launched at Comdex in Las Vegas, Nevada, in November, 1996.
    February 27, 2006


  • News:
    ParaChat v7.01 Released for Hosted Services.
    Maintenance release includes bug fixes, and the following new key features:
    • Who's Chatting list of users for implementation outside of applet
    • Event Moderation Q & A text bold by default
    • Chat Admin password retrieval capability
    February 4, 2006


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