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News: August 17,2010
ParaChat iPhone / iPad App v1.0.3 Released


News: June 30,2010
ParaChat iPhone / iPad App v1.0.2 Released


News: June 9,2010
ParaChat iPhone / iPad App v1.0.1 Released


News: June 1,2010
ParaChat iPhone / iPad App v1.0 Released

ParaChat customers can enable ParaChat iPhone / iPad App access to their existing service from the "Mobile" tab of their ParaChat service administration area. The free ParaChat-branded iPhone App is now available via iTunes (or white label the App with your own brand instead).


News: March 28, 2010
ParaChat v9.12 Released for Hosted Services

Key features include:

News:March 1, 2010
ParaChat LiveHelp v5.2 Released

Key features include:

Friday, December 31, 2010

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